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Melissa had her first day at Elementary school. State law says they are only allowed to have 18 kids per class. There are 25 in her class. There so many kindergartners that they need to make 3 more classes. But they should have known that before the school year started. People register ahead of time for a reason. Well on the bright side there are going to be at least 3 out of work teachers getting full time jobs soon.
Russell is in VPK class so preschool for him and aftercare for Melissa is a lot cheaper. Instead of 252 a week we are only paying 155 when public school is in session.

New design

I have started a new scarf and its coming out really well. I'm trying something new with it. I am making it with a green border on the edge. and in the middle there are stripes of green and purple, and green and blue. I've made 2 tone scarfs with boarders before but this is my first attempt of making one with stripes.

Just say no to inproper letter headers

Today Sue sent me a letter to print out to send with a sample for a customer. Instead of starting with "Hello Bill,", it started with "Bill Good Afternoon!" I called up John and was like what are you thinking man? What if he doesn't get it in the afternoon? He said that it is going UPS ground so it will most likely get there in the afternoon.I informed him it was improper and I was going to fix it.


I think I might have sprained my knee. It popped this morning and I've been having a lot of pain ever since.

Anti-women politics

Lately it seems like all I've been hearing about is legislatures attempts to stop women from getting access to birth control or abortions or make it legal to fire a woman for using birth control. Georgia took a big step backwards and now Arizona is trying to get in on the action. http://jezebel.com/5893011/law-will-allow-employers-to-fire-women-for-using-whore-pills Arizona is trying to make it so women have to prove to their employer that if they are using birth control pills it is for reasons other then birth control. They don't want women to use birth control. They don't want women to terminate unwanted pregnancies even if the baby would be born with horrible birth defects. Yet once the baby is born they could care less what happens. My Dad recently told me there was a study that showed that the crime rate has gone down dramatically since abortions were legalized. Less unwanted children equals a more peaceful society. These legislators need to stop attacking women.

clean perspective

I said to Dad, "You'll have to excuse my house. It's messy." Dad got inside and said, "What do you mean its messy? You have all that floor showing." A few days later I actually got a bit of energy and cleaned. Dad told me he was surprised that I and my siblings are so clean based on how we were raised. When I put things in that perspective I guess my house isn't that bad. But I am working on getting it cleaner. Hopefully one day my house will move from my idea of messy to Liz's idea of messy. :) I remember when we went to Liz's house when I was pregnant she said that my house would soon look like hers. Paul looked around and said, "Clean?" She then explained it was messy because she had toys disorganized in one little play area.

Life in General

Hi Everyone. Its been a while since I was able to log on. For some reason the system wasn't taking my password. I finally got back on. I've been busy writing some books, knitting, working and dealing with the kids. Paul has been working a lot of overtime lately.
The good news is I am currently healthy. Other then allergies I am not having any sinus problems. This is great after being six for a few months.

Life in general

I got my root canal finished today. They just have to deal with putting a cap on now. I've got 3 more visits. I'm feeling a lot better.
Liz thank you for the cloths. Kasey brought them to me today.
Paul's mom went into the hospital over the weekend. She collapsed. The doctors aren't quite sure whats wrong with her. She got out Monday night. They are going to reduce her medication.
The kids are getting big. Russell is going to be 2 on June 18. He's already wearing a size 8 shoe. He's in 18 month pants and 2t shirts. Melissa is doing pretty good at potty training. Though she gets a bit lazy at home. I heard from some old friends lately. Paul got a facebook account. So I've been able to chat with people on that. I'm thinking of making my own account.


When I first went to the dentist for the root canal things went badly. He was having problems numbing me. he finally found something that worked after the 5th attempt. He wasn't able to finish. My tooth was wiggly and he thought we were going to have to pull it. I went back the next week and my tooth had stopped wiggling and the pain had decreased. He knew which medicine to use so I only needed 2 shots. We continued the root canal. I still cant bite down on the tooth yet. But It should be better in a few days.


I’m in massive pain. I think I broke my tooth under the gum line. I was chewing gum and hit the back of one tooth with another. Next thing I knew I was bleeding and my tooth was all wiggly. I have a dentist appoint Wednesday.
There was a co-worker I caught sleeping at work. I talked to Abe about it. I had heard there was a problem with him going to sleep at work previously. I talked to Abe. We docked his pay an hour and Abe told him a very important person caught him sleeping. The next week I caught him sleeping. Woke him up and told him he couldn’t sleep there and if he was going to sleep he needed to go home. So he left. That’s the last I saw of him. I went to talk to Abe the next day. Abe said he had gotten a text message. The guy said he was an executive level employee and didn’t appreciate being disrespected by a clerical level employee. Abe was confused. He thought the guy had had a fight with Mitch another sales worker. He didn’t think of me because I’m the executive level employee. Mitch told him I sent the guy home. Abe told me that he was sick of the guy’s behavior and he wasn’t going to put up with it any more. A few days later and old employees showed up to talk to Abe. She told David that the guy told her he quit. David Asked me and I told him that I caught him sleeping twice and Abe was going to fire him. The old employee told me the guy said he was surprised I said something to him. I’m so calm and even keeled. Then I went to lunch and mentioned it to Sue. Sue told me she had previously taking a picture of him sleeping with her phone and sent it to Abe. She said he told her to send the guy home if he did it again. She was out having surgery on her hand the day I sent him home. She said Mitch told her what happened when she came back. She said she started cracking up when she when she heard I sent him home.



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